The Amazing Mr. Kit

When we moved into our house in December, we met our neighbor who happened to be a nice lady and also a cat person. This was fine with us because we are cat people too. I never asked her how many she had but I think it was probably over 10 easy. We knew her for 6 months and had a great relationship. She never complained about the band practicing, she often said hello, and even met our cats in our home.

She moved to the east coast a couple of months ago. She was taking all her cats but 2. This neighborhood is all they have known and they prefer to stay outside rather than inside. So we gladly took the responsibility of feeding and taking care of Mr. Kit (pictured) and Rocky. Mr. Kit is the most vocal cat I’ve even known and he is silly as all get out.


mr kit


The beach was alright. No shark attacks. That’s both good and bad I guess. It’s good to be home. Mr Kit missed us



Karbach Love Street



This is my attempt to get a shot of the moon with my Nikon




We found an old beat up kite washed up on the shore on the first day there. Picked it up dusted it off, it still flew. It flew through storms, through sunny days and dark nights. There were other families that came and went to the beach during the week. Many of them flew kites. But this one, out flew them all. It wasn’t the nicest, most expensive kite, but it flew the whole time we were there. Follow your dreams little kite.




So being on a beach for days with no distractions is ok. There is a romanticism to it. But as a creative person, I get bored easy and actually want to be distracted. I barely found out they had wifi there, but it’s cool I didn’t know, I didn’t want to bring a laptop. I’ve read 4 books already, written in my paper journal everyday. The only thing to really do for entertainment (for me anyway) is watch the ships come in to the channel.




I decided to get up early and try to catch a sunrise with my Nikon.

I thought it turned out alright



one of my daily walk meditative spots




Walked to the jetties all the way to the end.

It’s a long rock pier and when you get to the end, the sea is crashing against it, hitting you with spray as you watch dolphins play in the water a few feet from you. It feels like the end of the earth. Despite being around family, it’s also the lonliest I’ve felt in a long time. I am a wanderer by nature, and a restless soul, so being one place too long gets to me. It was only Sunday.



The beach

Every year my family rents a beach house for a couple of weeks as a vacation that multiple extended family members can visit. It’s a neat idea, and I am like most in that I can only visit on the weekend since I have work. With my recovery not letting me go back for a few weeks, I suddenly had time to relax. If I’m going to recuperate and make no money, I might as well make no money (and spend no money) on the beach.

Sorry if the next few posts are beach posts… that’s where the next few days leads.