I’m a huge fan of art. I hope this blog reflects that….

I’m a huge fan of art. I hope this blog reflects that. Especially found art and street art. I believe that many of our best artists are not school trained and that their passion drives them to bring us thought provoking things.

That being said… I really want to see this documentary on Vivian Maier. I find her pictures and life fascinating.

A teaser pic for our book project

A teaser pic for our book project to sort of give an idea of the type of long exposure creepy pics Jake does. He does NOT use photoshop. Jake has really blown up lately as an artist with some of his prints going for over a grand in some exhibits. Taking advantage of our rockethub and getting exclusive prints for much cheaper is a smart deal if you ask me.

This morning Jake Ramirez and I went in Hit Radio KVIC 104.7 to…

This morning Jake Ramirez and I went in Hit Radio KVIC 104.7 to talk about our upcoming book Beneath Texas. Host Joe Friar is a cool dude who is interested in the paranormal so it was a great interview.

We lost a lot of good men to bring you this information

Chaos in the R2 room

Chaos in the R2 room (Taken with instagram)

Star Wars Fan Days. Irving Texas

Taken with instagram

Avenues and Alleyways

Avenues and Alleyways (Taken with instagram)

Somedays I hate my internal clock. Not this morning.

Somedays I hate my internal clock. Not this morning. I want to move here

John S Lens, Pistil Film, No Flash, Taken with Hipstamatic

New Travel Buddy….

I love my phone. I don’t mean that in like a “omg-high-school-text-all-day” kind of way. I mean I use it to it’s fullest capabilities… The last couple of years, I’ve been rocking an Iphone. Not much just your standard issue 3G. I always find it hilarious when people try to debate phones with me. First [...] Read the rest of this entry »

Mitch The Photog…

I have a lot of friends and acquaintances. The number of close friends I have however, is a much smaller number. This is because I tend to become close friends with people that are, well, a lot like me. They display some manner of qualities that I identify with and I like to be around.

My buddy Mitch, is no exception. I’ve known him for years now, and as we get older and embrace our impending adulthood, our matching qualities exhibit the same thing… Getting older doesn’t mean settling for being complacent, it is the chance to do what you always wanted to do.

My friends and I, we are a different breed. My REAL friends are artists, musicians, and writers. They will go an extra mile to experience something new, they will travel to have a story to tell, and if you are like Mitch, they will go to great lengths to get a great camera shot.

Mitch is a photographer. I knew him when he wasn’t. But it’s been neat to see him take the thing he loves to do and make pure art out of it. As a fellow traveler, I have had the pleasure of going on many trips with him, as I sit and soak in experiences, mulling future songs and stories in my head, remembering past loves and future disasters, Mitch listens, puts his own input on my words, then snaps a picture that makes my head spin. I have also watched as he has begun posting pictures that continue to impress me, and do gallery showings of his work.

Being an artist is recognizing beauty. The world is filled with it. It takes a special person though, to identify even something people consider “unconventional” and turning into something that makes you look, think, and appreciate. That’s the feeling I get when I look at some of his pictures.

Mitch’s strongest abilities come in capturing the human spirit. Emotions, actions, candid shots, humanlike expressions in animals and even the aftermath of something that has already happened.

He also likes working with bands. He says he likes to work with them because they seem more “human”. I agree with him. A musician is an artist who is regularly pouring emotion out into the world. That’s a hard tap to close, so sometimes it’s better just to leave it on. I’ve had the privilege of taking Mitch with the band on our first summer tour. For a few weeks, we came back with a beautifully documented journey. So much so, we continue to acquire his services when our schedules sync up. His work has never failed to impress the band or our fans, or even other photographers who recognize him as “THE” photographer for the band.

Mitch is a nomad, he’s kind of like the A Team.

If you have a need for a photographer who will capture life and not just take a typical picture… you should feel free to contact him and see if his schedule syncs with yours. Tell him what your looking for… awesome candid shots for your wedding, fashion shoots, band pictures (live or group shots), etc… and let him run free with it. It’s worth it and he’s reasonable.

I can sing his praises all day, but as it is I am biased. Here are some examples of his work he did with my band and feel free to look at his other work and if you wish,  contact him through his websites:

photo by Mitch Ahrensphoto by Mitch Ahrens

photo by Mitch Ahrens

photo by Mitch Ahrens

photo by Mitch Ahrens

photo by Mitch Ahrens

photo by Mitch Ahrens

photo by Mitch Ahrens

photo by Mitch Ahrens

Mitch the man himself… (I snapped this picture while in Europe, he did the post editing to make it pretty)