I’m launching a new monthly zine in January. It’s…

I’m launching a new monthly zine in January. It’s going to be called “soy un monstro” (like this blog) and will feature some writings I do along with art and other things I curate. I am accepting any type of submissions from writings to pictures to photography to whatever. If I like it I can put it in. Think this blog in print form and you probably have an idea of random themed random. Shoot me an email at: tim@oldmanandbittergirl.com if you are so inclined

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This morning Jake Ramirez and I went in Hit Radio KVIC 104.7 to…

This morning Jake Ramirez and I went in Hit Radio KVIC 104.7 to talk about our upcoming book Beneath Texas. Host Joe Friar is a cool dude who is interested in the paranormal so it was a great interview.

Saturday productivity report to myself:recorded two podcasts…

Saturday productivity report to myself:

recorded two podcasts (one for future vacation weekend)

One podcast was with Mari and Rob from South Texas Underground Film Fest. That was a lot of fun and they have a hell of a program going on the first week of October if you are in or around Texas.

Also met up with my buddies Rodney and John from Detsaw to talk about their new project and plans for when Stout City launches it’s label (that cat has been out of the bag for some time locally so I am just going to mention it freely now)

Today’s production goals:

playlist maintenence for the podcast

Prep blog posts and search for show ideas for next week’s show

research story content for new book I am writing with Jake Ramirez.

Odds of getting all that done,20%. I anticipate 2 of 3 goals achieved.

Long Weekend

Friday night, after starting work at 5 in the morning, the band played a show. It was a good turnout, since it was a free show for our friend JT, who had a birthday and had bands playing to celebrate.

Our friends in Poor Favor played with us and that was cool to see.

poor favor

Since we closed the night, by the time we got onstage the whole bar was pretty intoxicated. What followed was enough drunken debouchery for a lifetime. I am not too clear on all the details, but I remember JT repeatedly falling onto our stage (which is only a foot off the ground) and dogpiles of girls and guys falling at our feet onto concrete bricks holding up the stage lights. At one point, Rodney the singer for Detsaw picked up a table (with people standing on top filming) and proceeded to throw it into the crowd.

After it was over, people were coming up to us saying things like, “Dude there are people busted up outside bleeding.” Sure enough, the rest of the night, evidence of our set was smeared on girls blouses, faces, etc.

Saurday night’s set for us was tamer. I think because we played earlier and people weren’t as drunk. Still, it was a good solid set with a good response.

We got to open for Wink and The Gun.

wink and gun

Now Wink and The Gun is a band that played in and around town about 5 or 6 years ago. They were a great party band, always attracted the right mix of people from incredibly hot girls to burly gnarly rock fans. I think the best thing about them, is that all the guys in the band (except for their drummer) were basically frontmen in other bands or went on to be. Which is funny because Scott, the guitarist, told me once “there is a lot of ego on that stage”. So 5 years later, they do a renunion show, and ask the luchadores to open, so we say Hell yeah, and let me tell you, WATG killed it.

Confetti, streamers, party poppers littered the floor and ceiling fans. People got down and a good time was had.

I hate it though when people say they are getting old. The band hasn’t been gone THAT long, and honestly when you start to get as old as me, 5 years really isn’t that long of a stretch.

The Weirdest Week Ever… The New Studio

This is definitely going down as one of the weirdest weeks of my life.

Brea and I have been working on the Old Man and Bitter Girl show since we came up with the idea in a Mexican eatery one hungover morning in Katy Texas. Since day one, we used our own money to buy little things we needed, but basically used existing band equipment like microphones and cords to start our podcast.

It’s been a trying time. The podcast is something that we began to do before we started to date (and now we’re getting hitched) it has evolved with us, and now going on our third year, I feel like we finally have the right people working with us, a comfortable format and good branding.

This year I told Brea “I have a feeling this is going to be a breakout year for the podcast.” It has since then grown from a “podcast” to a bonafide show with terrestial radio as well as an internet presence. It gets National and International attention. It focuses on independent artists and musicians and a DIY work ethic. It promotes freedom of expression and drive. It’s motives are pure, and the past few years we have been working closely with the Film ExChange and the Victoria TX Independent Film Festival, they actually asked us to be on their official staff this past year as a branding consultant (Brea) and New Media Director (Me). All this has led to involvement with the Antagonist Movement out of New York as well as the band recording with Ted from Never Records, to publishing the OMBG zine “Come and Take It” as well as putting on our own art show “The Great Art Scare” as well as being picked up by a local radio station to air on Sunday nights, and while every venture we do is getting bigger and better, we know that the podcast is where it all starts and is the main hub.

This is why it sucks when our equipment slowly starts to die. Everything from our mic cords to Brea’s computer (which is the main brain of our operation). Then earlier in the year I go through a demotion and eventually my old job closes up shop leaving me scrambling for a new daytime venture, which I finally find but not before the financial damage is done. With the impending wedding coming up, and all of the events that we have planned, scheduled and commited to, not having basic equipment would leave us dead in the water.

So… Imagine our suprise when our friend Anthony Pedone from the Film fest and Film ExChange messages us pictures of brand new top of the line equipment. Not just basic equipment mind you… beautiful radio studio quality gear. We’re talking condenser mic, USB turntable setup, 16 channel mixer, studio radio microphone arm,  new studio mics, the works… and he asks if we want to take a tour of our new studio.



The studio, I should add is in the most recognizable building in our city, and we are now located just a few floors from the top, on the 9th. That’s right, we took an elavator to this bad boy and walked into the office to be hit with a beautiful view of downtown Victoria.



So after talking about all this, we take the generous offer for a new home for our show. The only stipulation given to us by the Film ExChange (who we share the space with) and a private supporter is that we use this equipment to it’s fullest potential to carry our mission of supporting music and art… and help put Victoria on the map.

Ah hell… we were gonna do that already.

Still… it’s crazy. Things like this don’t happen to us. You hear about it from other people and stories. But you never think it will happen to you. We aren’t going to take this for granted. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

How Rock Music Lost

So Brea and I were in her car the other day, she casually flipped on the radio, and it’s tuned to one of our local stations. It’s a rock station, and they have been cool enough to keep our band’s single “The Future” on pretty heavy rotation. No matter what anyone tells you, hearing your song on the radio never gets old, at least not if you are still hungry like us…

Anyway, this song comes on, and it’s a song I feel I have heard a hundred times, only it’s a different band, but it is yet another “patriotic rock song”.

You know the kind… some new rock, mall metal crappy band that is singing about their brothers, while a video plays that is over produced showing some type of multi ethnic clean cut kid tossing a football around with his buddies, then cutting to a scene where he is all covered in grease paint posing next to a helicopter surrounded by a ring of fire.

It’s enough to give you a red white and blue boner.

So I say to you 3 Doors Down with your shitty Citizen Soldier song, or Kid Rock with your ridiculous Warrior song, just stop it.

First off, I don’t need two shitty bands standing up for a whole genre, but somehow, these bands have become representitives for rock music making them the new country, which is ironic because the new country is now the new pop, and the new pop is now child star trauma recovery. The worst thing is that most of these patriotic military propaganda songs are years old which means …. rock music lost. It gave up. No one cares.

As a genre, no one came along to change it, they left it shitty. While genres like hip hop (at least underground hip hop) have made a lot of creative strides.

This is what is hard to accept. Rock and Roll used to be dangerous, in the 50s, people were banning it, records were being burned, and no one understood it so they villainized it.

Has it really become so predictable and vanilla that the military along with some drop D tuned guitar welding douchebags have begun writing songs that are easily predictable, and boring.

Boring. Rock music you turned boring. You are no longer in the top charts, and the few bands that are are hipster throwback wanna be vintage folk singers. There is no danger in this anymore.

Do I have to do everything myself?

It’s More Than A Ring Size

With our wedding coming in October, I went to get sized for a ring today after work.

I had not been sized for any jewelry (I don’t really wear any) since the first time I tried the marriage thing in 2005.

My ring finger got a size bigger..

It’s probably because in the last 8 years, I have switched career paths and now that I am older and working with my hands, my joints have begun to swell, but I like to think it’s because I have grown as a person instead.

There have been many changes in my life. I do not regret them. Even though my first marraige ended after 3 years and left me in the worst state of my life, it forced me to grow, put me in a new situation, and let me get creative again.

Everything I have accomplished in the last 5 years would not have been possible. I would have never “gotten the band back together”, I would have never written the books I did or gone to so many conventions. I surely would not have started the podcast with Brea, and even more… I would never have gotten together with Brea.

Our story, our path, is long and complicated. Almost as if God were testing us, we found ourselves thrust into bad situations with money, downsizing, moves, scene politics and project after project.

Unlike any other girl I have been with, Brea not only has stuck things out, she has been my partner in everything. When I feel like giving up, she makes me take a step back and assures me that togerter, we can do anything.

As an artist and a creative person, it means the world to me. As a man, it makes me want to make her my wife, and as the luckiest person in the world, she still hasn’t backed out yet.

I Refuse

I refuse to comment any further on the Zimmerman case or post happenings right now.

I refuse to comment on 1st world feminists and their anger toward my gender when I haven’t done anything to harm or wish harm to another human.

I refuse to be excited about a Royal baby.


We will never be racially the same because 99% of this country makes it a big deal that we are different. Our genders will forever be apart, because those who want equality want it so badly they feel the need to try to make everyone else feel inferior. As if we can all help the way we are born.

Here is a news flash… Some of us are born minorities, some of us are born male and some female. It’s the roll of the dice. It’s not about what you are born into, it’s what we do with it….

You have maybe 80- 100 years on this earth, what are you going to do with it? Waste your time whining. Complain that things aren’t fair? That something offends you.

Guess what, like your facebook status and bitch online, we call those people “slacktivists”. I don’t waste my time with that.

If you are feeling opressed, time to hang out with a new crowd, aint nobody got time for that. It’s time people, time to turn off the channel, unplug from your biased news channels and friends with mob mentality facebook status. Mob mentality is an oxymoron, and you are all smarter than that.

Time to think for ourselves again, to look at all sides of the story. Maybe instead of debating over race, we should join a neighborhood watch and see what people have to go through, or at least a police ride along for one night… Maybe instead of using our genders as chips on our shoulders we should join our favorite candidates campaign for election, go to the mall and start registering people to vote.

And maybe… instead of getting excited about some royal baby born with a royal spoon in his mouth he will never have a bad day, we should remember that we had an American Revolution so we wouldn’t have to care about the next prince that comes along.

People Don’t Write Anymore…

So if you look back on this page to review my entries, you’ll probably discover some huge gaps in updates. I’m trying to fix that, honestly.

Life seems to have happened since I started writing online. I took up freelance writing wherever I could get it, I wrote a few things for friends here and there, things have popped up on websites, zines, newspapers and other publications. I have also been in a couple of bands, helped start a podcast (that has now turned into a radio show as well) and in a few months am marrying the girl I should have been with my whole life.

While I was doing that, writing for myself and an audience never left my mind.

So every once in a blue moon, when I was caught up on projects and no one was bugging me to book a band or write an article, I would update. I still feel bad when I look at the archives, I am not nearly as efficient in gaining and keeping an audience as I should be, the internet and I pratically grew up together (and we are both still just as childish as ever)

So when getting my online presence back to where it should be, the first thing I did was join a few sites with communities to become an active an participating member, I also got or reinstated the usual social networking sites again…

I was caught off guard by some of the internet’s prominent “writers” and the views they seem to spout. A lot (I will not say who or what they were writing about) seemed to just spread a one way view of a topic they clearly knew little about.

The problem with this is that the internet, while it is a great tool has become worse than an 8th grade girl sleepover. Gossip, rumours, half truths, and other made up nonsense becomes gospel before nightfall, and with the web’s powers and everyone’s smartphone, a flat out lie or misconception can hit viral status before any damage control can be done.

And I guess that wouldn’t bug me either, except for the fact that I seem to find more “social savvy journalists and writers” and less real writers.

I see more people who would rather post a meme and make a one sided joke about something, than a person who would take the time to think, plan out an argument and execute their feelings on a screen.

I think this exposes probably one of the biggest problems as we have evolved with the net and websites like twitter and facebook updates. People aren’t writing, they are microblogging. They are trying to be clever and right (tough to do both) in less than 140 characters and they get it wrong. To make it worse, I sometimes fear their audience buys it. Most people as a society would rather just read certain things off a RSS feed or watch a specific news program than hunt for their own information. Where does that leave us?

For me, I guess that means I have to make time to write.

Forget The Government, Let’s Fix Ourselves

I logged into social media Saturday night and found myself in the middle of a race war. Only… everyone couldn’t actually say it was a race war.

I don’t really want to talk about all that, I’m sure you all have your own opinions, and honestly I’m not here to try and alienate readers just yet, but what I did notice is that while the internet has become a great way to connect, educate, and explore it has also become a place to turn into a giant mess of jackasses. That pretty much goes for 99% of people out there.

When I was growing up, if you had a problem with someone, you went to their house, asked them to step outside, and you settled it. I remember vividly my first fight in Junior High when some bigger kid pushed me in the back and took a swing at me in the back of the head because I liked comic books. Hitting me in the back of the head was the last thing he got to do, because when I stood up the transformation from sheep to lion was complete and no one ever physically picked on me again.

I say this because internet bickering boggles my mind. Hiding behind an avatar is pointless and even though you are using your facebook profile or twitter name, you are hiding behind the fact that you are miles away nicely secure in your locked house running your foul little mouth.

I’m rambling… Let me review some of the things I saw that turned my stomach.

1. One Girl I know actually disowned two family members because they didn’t agree with her over this trial verdict: Look man, I know some people were angry. I’m a little angry actually that the media turns some stories into big sensations when there are tons of heartbreaking stories that happen every year, and let’s face it, news agencies go after what they can doctor to sell you webpage hits and newspaper sales… But to be so upset about a trial you were not directly involved with that you woud actually disown family members? People that have shared Christmas gatherings, birthday parties, funerals and childhood secrets? Maybe I’m missing something here or I actually walked into an alternate universe since last night. But I’m pretty sure this particular person has some serious soul searching to do.

2. Some chick using “Equality” as her name on social media ( example: Jane “Equality” Doe) was using the worst language and poor argument examples I have ever read: Seriously, if someone didn’t agree with her she would reply with “Fuck You” or “You’re a terrible person”. I mean, it’s America and you certainly have the freedom of speech to say what you want, but to degrade anyone who disagrees with you and act like you have a superiority complex over them is kind of silly when you are using “Equality” as your middle name.

Which is silly because….

I don’t believe in Equality: It has nothing to do with how you were born. It has everything to do with the life you have. If we were all equal, we would be like the sheep you saw on your facebook page. We would run and share every meme and hot topic poltical agenda so we would fit in. It’s OK to pick your battles and your agenda. I’m pretty sure that the last election was won by the rights of the vagina, and that’s OK, but I was actually interested in other topics like the things they were trying to do about censoring the internet and taxing small DIY businesses. As an artist and a punk rock business owner, these things are important to me. I don’t think that makes me a bad person, just… y’know… I’m not big on people telling me what to do.

You shouldn’t be either. If we were all equal… we wouldn’t have any innovators. Think about it, a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, so if we were all equal we would all be weak links. That may be what you want, but not for me.

I know this because….

I’m a minority: Surprise! I’m a minority. I’m overweight. I have psoriasis. I’m old in punk rock years. I’ve had my share of closed doors, rejection and flat out discrimination. These things didn’t make me whine on facebook. These things made me stronger, buckle down and do something with my situation. I have come to the slow realization, that just because I have done these things, does not mean others will. Probably because they are hard. You cannot simply “like” the stop bullying page on facebook to make it go away. You have to become so bad ass they can’t bully you anymore, and if they are still doing it you get a better mirror, and listen to a better band because you are not done yet.

This rant is all over the place today.

99% of people made me lose faith in humanity yesterday, but if you have read this post and find some sort of truth in it, I guess I’ll chalk it up as a win for me.