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Brea and I went to Houston this weekend to record a special podcast for the awesome upcoming Punxmas show that is happening next month. While talking with Issac from Fuska, Jeremy from Molotov Compromise,and Jessica who is organizing the event… we told them it will be a year in January that we have officially been around.
The thought didn’t really hit us until we were driving back home that evening. A year. That’s a lot of weekends invested. There has been nights where we have to record TWO podcasts because of our bands playing on certain weekends, there have been major scheduling conflicts, roadtrips, comic conventions, interviews done on the fly…
But in the end, the podcast is personally one of the coolest things I have ever been involved with. It allows me to be a part of every music scene when I cover it, not just a spectator. It has given me the opportunity to interview some of my heroes, It is an excuse to get drunk and talk shit about anything I want (you may not notice I have a bit of an ego).
The podcast has come a really long way from Brea and I drunk and hungover eating breakfast/lunch in a mexican restaurant in Katy TX with our friend Mike coining the term “old man and bitter girl”… It has grown into a good little crew of people who put in the time, work, the hours, and the whiskey into a product that isn’t professional, but alcohol fueled mega fun. I like to think it’s going to keep staying that way.
What does the future hold? I’m sure I don’t know. We keep pluggin along. Maybe one day people may actually want to sponsor us and we can actually take more elaborate trips or get video equipment. Maybe we’ll get picked up for XM radio or something, who can tell. We just keep doing what we do, make fun of the obvious, and play good music all we ever really needed was a good recording device and some music to spin…. things just fell into place.

There’s a lot of broken hearts in that corner

There’s a lot of broken hearts in that corner

Danger Is My Middle Name 2011-11-21 12:21:40

I got a new laptop yesterday. I’m pretty excited about it because I haven’t had my own computer for about a year now. I’ve just been borrowing other people’s to update here and there and luckily using my iphone to do a lot of my social networking, note writing and recording. So the new computer thing… works.

This weekend, Brea and I were stand in musicians for The Cherrybombers. It was a cool gig. For the first time in a very long time, I got to play in a band I was not the lead person in. That was pretty stress free on my part.

There is a lot happening. I am taking it as well as I can.

Toxic Fuse Lucifer VI Lens, BlacKeys B+W Film, No Flash

Toxic Fuse

Lucifer VI Lens, BlacKeys B+W Film, No Flash,

Doug Blank Lucifer VI Lens, BlacKeys B+W Film, No Flash

Doug Blank

Lucifer VI Lens, BlacKeys B+W Film, No Flash

Those who don’t build must burn.

“Those who don’t build must burn.”

Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury

Aaron: Jimmy Lens, BlacKeys B+W Film, No Flash


Maybe no one will notice

Maybe no one will notice

Timothy Danger Goes To Austin Comic Con

When I was a kid, my dad bought my brother and I our first comic books. From what I remember, I think he thought late night TV was too racy or deviant for a couple of elementary school kids or something like that… I think that if he knew the monsters he was creating at the time, he would have probably just been better off letting our brains rot with mindless TV.

The days, months, and years went on, my brother and I (already in love with Star Wars as was any birthright to children born in that time period) continued to be fascinated with comic books. The stories of heroes and villains, costumes, escapes, hot space chicks and other things that didn’t involve long division or lunchroom politics was a world to live and escape in. My dad continued to buy us books until he saw the problem, by then it was too late, we were hoarding our own money and going to the used book store next door to the local junior high school on Wednesdays and walking away with that weeks new selection or cheap back issues. Even one book was important. I couldn’t get enough of them. I needed more, and I couldn’t wait until I had a job of my own and could buy as many as I wanted with my own money…

Flash forward to the present. While my other friends have moved on with their lives, I in my eternal Peter Pan complex, have never changed. If anything, my love for comics and all things Science Fiction has only intensified. So when Wizard World decides to bring it’s comic book themed, memorabilia/ celebrity/ artist/packed nerd heaven tour to Texas, it’s only a natural guess I should attend.

I have missed Wizard World’s last few shows in Texas (they used to be in Dallas before they hit Austin) due to the band being on the road a lot, but I knew that Austin was going to be a hit.

The thing about Comic Cons is that there is just so much to DO. I mean if you like comics… great they have tons of dealers to check out, including many that are desperately trying to sell back issues for pennies. Like toys, collectables, or even weird nerd wear? They got you covered. Maybe you think to yourself… “Yknow… one day I’d like to meet that hot chick from ‘Heroes’ or maybe I’d like to hear what Little Anakin thinks about his role in Star Wars” Well they had you covered there too, as a wide variety of celebs and sci fi staples hung out in their booths greeting fans, snapping pictures with fans. Or maybe you want to grab a print from your favorite comic artist, or talk with an indie artist about his/her new project… got that too.

So that’s what we did. We walked the floors, gawked at celebs, talked with our favorite artists (interviewed them too) and yes… we shopped a little bit too.

That’s when it hits. These are our kind of people. And we don’t just mean people who listen to good music or podcasts. The whole place is packed with people who get it. Those that love the genre, celebrate and revel in it. The ones that are looking for that next piece of cool art on their wall or the ones who squee with joy when they find old ROM comics. In that moment, I am transformed back to that kid who got his first books from his dad, it pleases me to no end to find those old issues in the cheap bin.

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Buckhorst H1 Lens, BlacKeys SuperGrain Film, No Flash

Buckhorst H1 Lens, BlacKeys SuperGrain Film, No Flash, Taken with Hipstamatic