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What Society has come to indeed… A girl, a camera, and a serious grudge on Leap Years

So while fishing news and blog feeds for something to talk to you guys about today I came across this which is sure to be viral by the end of the day…

My favorite part of this, is when she says (and seriously means it) “This is what society has come to” I spit out my morning coffee and knew I had my blog of the day…

I know a lot of people don’t really know why we have leap year, they just accept it, but every time we have one, it is explained on news and websites around the world, (and also… in school if you listened in class and um didn’t worry about getting two birthdays)

You see kids, our pesky little mudball you call earth, (but my home planet calls DC789F-JK scheduled for termination 2033) doesn’t play by the rules. It revolves around the sun at it’s own pace. While it’s pretty close to 365 days a year it usually comes in about 5 hours and some change off, making it fashionably late all the time. That’s right kids… your earth has got… swagger. (Ugh I hate that word)

So you see angry girl, if we didn’t add that extra day every four years… we would lose about 5 hours and change every year. After fifty years, (if you’re survival instincts could make it that long) You’re calendar would be off about 12 days, after 100 years, about 24 days.

As for the mad scientist who invented Leap Years, well it was introduced by some guy named JULIUS CAESER. You may want to look him up, he has a few knotches under his belt as far as getting stuff done. I mean, he’s no Lady Gaga or Drake, but he was the ruler of Rome, military badass, a writer of Latin prose, had a play written about him by some English guy and pretty much changed society as a whole whose repercussions we still feel to this day.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if it came down to passing a bill or convincing the world to give you two birthdays… you might need to make more convincing videos.

Alright Kids, that’s it for the day. Here’s a quarter, now go tell your mom to slap you and for Pete’s sake, do your homework.

The Grammys Need To Get Off My Lawn

I noticed on news feeds this morning that The Grammys were last night. I shrugged and went on with my morning coffee. Somewhere along my 3rd cup of liquid goodness, I sat on the balcony scrolling through posts and news of the event and thought to myself why it really wasn’t registering with me as this being a big deal.

I figured it out pretty quick. We’ve never been fans of popular music, and to this day I have come to the conclusion that pop music, for the most part equals crap. I mean, if we trusted other people to make our choices as to what “good” is, we would be running a very different podcast. The problem with art is that it is really not as quantifiable as something like say… a business plan or the most fuel efficient car out there. I mean if we gave out awards for the best mileage on a SUV, it would be clearly printed on black and white, but dealing with music, film, writing, any of these things, we leave it up to popular vote, and lets face it… your friends at the water cooler wouldn’t know good music if it bit them on the ass. It’s not they’re fault really, I mean they only have the options that are laid out for them. They spend their time online reading other people’s facebook pages and comparing their lives to their neighbor and co workers, they don’t bother to try anything new or find something interesting they can call their own.

You got to figure yourself pretty lucky in that respect, I mean, you don’t listen for just our drunken banter. I hope that we have done what we have set out what to do. We originally brought you this podcast because we thought that a lot of bands (our friends in particular) deserved to be heard. There are shows going on in your town regularly, and sometimes a band will come around that may never be in town again… They will never make it famous, and you may never get the chance to be wowed by them or meet them. There is also a chance that it may not be your cup of tea, but honestly I think I would rather spend my free time checking out a show meeting people and having an open mind than sitting on Facebook wondering what every one else is doing.

As for me, I stopped believing in award shows the year Titanic beat both Starship Troopers and Contact for best special effects. I mean seriously… you built a model boat and sank it. Ugh.

In other news:

-We caught a hell of a show at the Texan Saturday night. Poor Favor, Toxic Fuse, Cherrybombers and Bertha ripped it up pretty good. You can catch 3 out of 4 of these bands’ interviews in our interview section.

– Worlds Scariest Police Chases is coming out with their new album in April. It will be 80’s style hardcore songs themed about the po-po. Should be good you can check out their earlier demo on their bandcamp page.

Caleb at headhunters (Taken with instagram)

Caleb at headhunters (Taken with instagram)

Unreleased song:Loveletter- Number One

Unreleased song:

Loveletter- Number One

A Loveletter song that was written last summer during our “Star Trek Next Generation” madness that occured when we watched all 170 plus episodes in a row. The song is about Commander Riker.

We never used the song in any comps or albums, but it’s a cool tune, so thought I would share it before we start sharing the totally new stuff we will be doing in a few weeks.



Lonely mornings: Roboto Glitter Lens, No Flash

Lonely mornings

Roboto Glitter Lens, Ina’s 1969 Film, No Flash