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Got my mind on my money and my money on AI

Got my mind on my money and my money on AI #iwishicoulddraw (Taken with Instagram)

Obviously people forgot I have a phobia of rubber balloons at…

Obviously people forgot I have a phobia of rubber balloons at work

Kaimal Mark II Lens, Sugar Film, No Flash, Taken with Hipstamatic

Happy Birthday Jack Kirby. Thanks for everything.

Happy Birthday Jack Kirby. Thanks for everything. (Taken with Instagram)

Got nothin to do with it!

Got nothin to do with it! (Taken with Instagram)

Stout City Luchadores “The Future”

Stout City Luchadores “The Future”

We knew the second we wanted to make a video for “The Future” that we wanted Don Avlo to do it. We had worked with he and his wife on a few live projects and art shows and I really liked his visual art. It was a perfect mix of punk rock and Mexican subculture, so really, the luchadores needed him to make it look right.

Don Avlo surprised me from the start, scheduling days, getting an idea ready and it took off. The shoots were about 4 sessions, juggling between the bands playing schedule, our podcasting schedule and Don Avlo’s work and other film projects, we got it done over the summer. I was not let down in the least.

The band means a lot to me. Like the masks, it portrays a dual side of myself that cannot come out in the daytime job. There is a purpose to the band name and look, and growing up with wrestling and being in awe of masked wrestlers, I knew that having a band that tried to capture that would be epic. It’s been a struggle, the band has come and gone off and on for years. Line up changes had been an issue and in 2008 in the middle of the worst personal year of my life, the band evaporated peacefully. I’m still friends with the guys from that line up, it wasn’t anything towards them, I just knew that we were done with that part of the band’s history and put it on hiatus until I could get myself figured out. I’m glad that I am. I have to be to play this music.

This is the music that comes in when my other project has done it’s job. This is the stuff that breaks me out of my funk and lets me throw shit at the wall and instead of the cops being called, a hundred kids scream “Hell ya” when I do. This is the band an ex girlfriend threatened to leave me with if I went through and did it. This is the band that I can play in for a minute that people don’t ask what I do for a living, that they just step back and soak in the fact that there are masked men in Victoria Texas, and if you live on their side of the tracks everything is going to be alright.

Don Avlo and his wife have been busy all summer. Besides our project they went on to complete a 72 hour film challenge here in Texas and snagged some awards for doing that. I think he realized my questions about why he threw himself so much into the project for us and he told me “You guys have helped us out so much, I want to do this for you, don’t worry about anything, I got you I’m gonna make this good” and he did. When I think about all the artists and people we know and support we get from our local independent community, I get overwhelmed, and honestly last night, when I saw this video for the first time, I held back tears because I wasn’t expecting it to look so good, and I surely wasn’t expecting anyone to give a damn as much as I do about my little garage band project I have been trying to get off the ground since 2005. But… here it is, and I love it and the people who helped. (Everyone from Pedone, to Tim, to people letting us use garages and work places and even Danny for letting us take over the band house for a night)

The video is awesome. It’s fast, direct and kinetic. Just like I want us to be. Thanks Avlo and Beth for helping us so much. 


Squackers (Taken with Instagram)

Think about it sucka

Think about it sucka (Taken with Instagram)

Learn something cool losers. .

Learn something cool losers. (Taken with Instagram at found on internet)

A Growing Menace

A Growing Menace (Taken with Instagram)

Poor Favor killed it yesterday at kings showcase

Poor Favor killed it yesterday at kings showcase (Taken with Instagram)