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2013 is the year of CROM (or how I will fight Social Media Mob Mentality This Year)

2013 is the year of Crom (he’s the deity of Conan The Barbarian)

The internet is a great thing. It has let us find bands to share with you guys on the podcasts, it lets us know about movie news and comic book happenings. It allows us to meet artists and bands from all over the world and share them with you guys….

But there is a dark side as well. It’s harder to register to vote than it is to put your opinion on the internet. For that reason, my feeds get clogged up with Joe Ordinary’s opinion on everything from gun control to what color of ribbon I should wear, to his bad taste in music.

There is no doubt that while I love being connected to people I admire and get inspired from… I am repeatedly reminded of how we are tasked with promoting independent art, music, film and thought and saving it, showing it in it’s true form before it gets corrupted by hipsters, old money and the others out to make a buck.

On New Year’s Eve, I was hanging out with my friend and artist Don Avlo, and he just said “Crom.” I knew from that moment, Crom was the answer to fight the ridiculousness of the internet with something as equally absurd.

So from now on, when something stupid happens… I will post a Crom post to combat it. Maybe a Meme… like so.


Is it childish? Yes. Bad taste? Of course. Appropriate? No. Why do it? Because we want to and we can would be the normal answer. But really I’m tired. I’m tired of seeing the same old stuff. I’m tired of guilt being shoved down my throat. I was raised to have respect for my fellow man and their beliefs, but when someone tells me “If you don’t like this picture or share this picture you hate God.” Really? Now who is being childish?

The truth is, a lot of these posts are guilt tripped into sharing so the original poster will go viral, and reach more profiles due to the algorithm that Facebook works on. You post the picture of the wounded vet so you can feel better about yourself, then the profile gets popular and seen on everyone’s FB feed, then the poster SELLS the profile to someone else so they can post whatever they like and you have to see it. They call it “like farming” and it really happens. So Crom is here to help me.

Here’s some things you should know:

Crom doesn’t care about Gun Control.

Crom doesn’t care if you like his post or not, he knows you will be struck down anyway

Crom does not answer you. He does not favor weakness

Crom does not care where your politician was born

Crom does not pay taxes.

Since he is the God of Steel, it is fair to say that his favorite genre is heavy metal

So there you have it. Should be a good year

The Thrill Of The Hunt

It seems as though digital music sales have overtaken physical music sales for the first time.

CD sales are down 10 percent, and digital is reigning king. Not surprising, since the ease of finding music online is so readily available. It looks like the most popular non rock categories are punk and indie, and I know that’s a good thing for musicians….

The old guy in me misses the hunt. That’s something that a lot of kids and modern music shoppers will never know.

Growing up, I discovered punk rock at a very important time in my life. I was a new kid in a new school, in my previous one I was bullied and never welcome, coming into a new school, I had a new chance to be somebody else, but learned it was not going to be easy. Then I met a kid named Paul Nasty, he made me a tape one day, and the rest was history…

Punk rock was not easily attainable then. The internet wasn’t what it is now, basically a couple of message boards for Star Trek geeks and text based adventure games. When we wanted something we went hunting. This often involved travelling hours to Houston, Austin or San Antonio to a record store. I remember all their names. But I mostly remember the feeling I would get walking into these tiny cramped spaces crammed with records, zines, stickers, tshirts… my senses on overload as I actually tried to find the right music for the little money I had.

I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on music. My collection has grown into the thousands and I have tried to organize it before, but the feat was too great. Despite this, I still know every CD and record. I can tell you where I was when I got it, and if it’s older than a few years I can tell you what happened on the road trip I went to get it. My music holds certain memories for me. I can remember walking out of a store with a few new purchases in hand, and putting them on the CD player as we headed to the show that night. I remember listening intently to every track, proud of the fact that I had music I couldn’t find in my home town.

I remember the first album I bought online. It was actually Tom Wait’s last album that I had been looking for in various stores before I just gave up and bought it on itunes because music stores are just about obsolete and they don’t carry anything cool. I missed holding the album in my hand, and the artwork. I eventually bought the physical copy, but I just can’t seem to get into digital. I think the ease and convenience of digital has ruined things for people. I always appreciated the obstacles I had to go through to get my music, and the envy of other music lovers when I found something they didn’t. Now… for the right price we can all have the exact same music collection. There seems something wrong with that to me…

Character Study

Today I was passing some time with a random person, I like doing that because the art of conversation is lost these days, and I also really need to talk to people more to get down conversation better for my writing.

At any rate, the subject turned to one of her old friends who had passed away years ago. This woman revealed a secret late in their friendship “Good people deserve nice funerals, but i’m not a good person J,” she told her, “Don’t cry for me.”

She continued to tell me that later on in their relationship, she claims to have a whole other life than the one she was living… Whether this was true or not, I do not care to know, I am posting this so I am going to assume it is fiction. But it makes for a possible great character. Here are the traits I am stealing.

-”Have you ever killed someone? Pulled the trigger and walked away because you knew this wasn’t your city? I have.”

– One day she got out of the car and said “Come inside, I want to show you something.” Once inside the modest little home, she walked over to a closet in her bedroom, and there were dozens of beautiful dresses, worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. “You see the labels on those dresses?” she asked. She was a t shirt and jeans type of girl and I asked her when she uses these. “These are the clothes I wear for me work… out of town”

– “People leave you. They fail you. I never wanted to rely on anyone again. No man to take care of me. No one.”

These snippets of conversation got to me. What kind of person was this woman? What drives you to do such secret work? What work was it? And how did you go on to live such a normal life. Also, this woman apparently has been dead so now I’ll never know if she was just a drug dealer or a high profile Black Widow. This of course leads all sorts of new doors. Might be something to consider. Shady characters always are, I’m glad I got to dwell on this one.