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What I learned By Getting Older

My birthday was a few days ago. I must be having one of those touchy feely old people moments, because as I was at my day job (yup I worked on my birthday) I took time to mentally go over my life as I worked. It’s been a long life, but hey I had overtime in my pocket…

So without hesitation, here are a few things I have learned as I grew older (and somewhere maybe grew up)

Music Really Does Save Lives- I was just a kid when it found me. Like a person dying of thirst, I drank it up, every last bit. Years later, when I went through a divorce, I put aside my favorite artists ( I couldn’t let Tom Waits and Smoking Popes be ruined by a bad situation) and discovered new music. It led me to take all my frustration and the void in my life and make something healing (The Loveletter). It led me to go back to school and study it the right way, and still today, it lets me connect with bands and artists all over the world. If you don’t think music is important. I feel sorry for you, and I would hate to see the kind of life you live.

Living Past Your Expiration Date Solves The “What If’s”- When I was 16 or 17, I had a thing for this goth chick. Naturally to get as close as I could with her, I let her read my palm. In the midst of her highly vague and interpretive reading she gave me one definite prediction as she looked at my lifeline.

I was going to die by 35.

I still went out with her even though she predicted my death, she was hot after all, and black lipstick was oh so classy in the 90′s, but I still took her prediction with a grain of salt. This did help me in future adventures though, every time I saw a pretty girl I wanted to talk to or try something I had never done, the easiest way to psyche myself into it was to remind myself that I would be dead in a few years. As a result, I have great stories. Crazy adventures and shenanigans that I will always carry with me.

Now, as I turn 37 I laugh at the thought of being two years expired. I never had a question in my mind of what I should have tried. The regrets in my life are for the things I have done, but not the things I didn’t do.

I Have Nothing To Prove- Over the years, I have worn many hats. Been part of various subcultures, and have combed the earth trying to find where I fit. Somewhere along the dyed hair, the braces and bald heads, the skateboards, and the wrestling masks I realized I don’t fit anywhere.

It’s sad sometimes to be the only one of your kind.

I am lucky to have friends, a family  unit, and a great girl who loves me, but I will always look in the mirror, and know there is no one just like me. Only I have my specific sets of insecurites, skin ailments, talents, and lack of talents.

The upside to all of this, is that even if I am a lonely man in a crowded room, I have nothing to prove to anyone. I know who I am, and now I can simply quit trying to be something that I am not. There is a comfort in being a monster who only has to roar.

I’ve Seen Bands Live You Have Only Seen On Youtube- Well… I have.

You Need To Stand Up For Something, Not Just The Flavor Of The Week-  Running a podcast, and promoting a band, I use social media as an necessary evil. Still it hurts my soul a little everyday. It’s not anything I do, my posts are golden, and they accurately reflect me as a person…. but some of you I feel I need to give man lessons to.

Every week, there is a new cause for the average “Joe Mob Mentality” to advocate. Everything from breast cancer, to civil rights, to protecting the grey wolf. Now I’m not saying these aren’t good causes, what I’m saying is that making a difference in something means picking a platform and seeing it through the end. Contributing and not just using “likes” and “shares” to promote the cause but really doing something. Americans have lost their resolve, their is no such thing as the “American Spirit” that was found in our grandparents and great grandparents in WW2. We want to punish evildoers, but we are afraid of wars. We want justice in the streets but don’t want overcrowd prisons. We want to be protected from foreign enemies but don’t want to put it in the budget. We want all our freedoms and no censorship until something offends even the smallest group then it must be removed from the earth.

What the hell happened to people? I sometimes wonder if we used way too much hand sanitizer as children that it has made us simple smelling but with no bite.

Brea and I for instance chose to advocate DIY music and subcultures. The result of our labor is our podcast, show, zine and website.

I wouldn’t trade that in for anything.



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blusherlock: “Even when the console’s turned off, users can simply say “Xbox On” to power up —…


Even when the console’s turned off, users can simply say “Xbox On” to power up — which means the new Kinect will be listening to you in your living room at all times.”


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