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What a weekend.

What a weekend. Never say it can’t get any worse because it obviously can.

In other news, I have decided I am going to take better care if myself for future years. This is important because I never planned in being on this earth this long.

I’m joining a gym today. I think I’m giving up alcohol after the wedding next week, and we’ll go from there. Hope you guys are all well.

Beneath Texas

Beneath Texas:


My soon to be husband is helping write a book.  Jake Ramirez, Light Painter Extraordinaire, will be shooting themed shots portraying famous and not so famous myths, legends, and ghost stories around Texas and Tim will be retelling the stories behind the photos.

You can pre-order a signed copy of the book for $25.00 at the link above. The money raised will go directly to helping the team travel to different locations around Texas to interview the locals about the stories and take the location specific shots for the book as well as getting the book published (which can be a bit pricy!)

my ultra awesome wife to be hyping my book

The South Texas Underground Film Fest


The South Texas Underground Film Fest is taking place in Corpus Christi October 4-6.

There is a ton of cool events going on during the fest for a full list of cool stuff and a suprisingl affordable time, check out their website

Things I learned from this weekend.

Things I learned from this weekend.

1. I’m never moving into an upstairs apartment again

2. I love my books but moving them sucks. I’m getting a kindle and damn it I will force myself to like it.

3. I have great friends who help me when I need it

4. UV flavored vodka is highly deceptive

5. Next time I am faking my death and just starting over. Moving sucks

Good old days

Good old days

It always rains

It always rains

1) when I have a birthday party outside

2) when I have to drive to Austin for a gig

3) when I go to the beach

4) the weekend we choose to move

Every damn time

This is why I don’t recycle

Mother Nature I will have my revenge

Space gangsters man.

Space gangsters man.

Today we finally sign the lease to the new apartment. The chaos of the past few months is finally…

Today we finally sign the lease to the new apartment. The chaos of the past few months is finally coming to a head. I’m dreading the move but damn I will be glad when everything is over with and Brea and I can go back to being stressed over things we enjoy and not moving, family and other joy killers


So far this week I have:

Had my integrity questioned.

Been labeled as “arrogant” behind my back.

Chastised not just for my behavior but for the way I think.

All by people who are very close to me.

A lot of people ask me how I am so laid back and calm all the time even with all the work and projects Brea and I put out.

The truth is I discovered my mantra a few years ago while going through my divorce.

KOWU – keep only what’s useful

Simply put. If I come across an obstacle or drama, I cut it out like a cancer. I have no time for it or the people who choose to put that in my life. That means even if we are related by blood or a bond that strong. I have no time for that stress in my life. My life is stressful enough.

I have no doubts about it. I believe that if I tell the truth the way I see it and never lie about it, my conscience is clear. It is.

Yeah. It’s only Wednesday.

1st day back at work from mini vacation. Sucks to be in reality…

1st day back at work from mini vacation. Sucks to be in reality again. I have decided if

I ever get an advance for writing a novel I am renting a house in surf side for 3 months to write it. Perfectly secluded, limited wifi, just perfect for no distractions.