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The Exploited

I was a kid when I first heard the exploited. I was on a school trip in Florida riding a bus back to Texas, they stopped at a mall. The internet wasn’t around back then, and we only heard about bands through word of mouth. I picked up an Exploited tape in a music store in a bargain bin. Got in the bus, popped the tape in my walkman. Before this point I was collecting home made tapes from my friends trying to really find my path in the genre… after I heard the exploited… I knew I found it. Jammed that tape all the way back to Texas too.

I’m a huge fan of art. I hope this blog reflects that….

I’m a huge fan of art. I hope this blog reflects that. Especially found art and street art. I believe that many of our best artists are not school trained and that their passion drives them to bring us thought provoking things.

That being said… I really want to see this documentary on Vivian Maier. I find her pictures and life fascinating.

Up early. One more day at the day job then off for the holiday….

Up early. One more day at the day job then off for the holiday. C’mon baby hold together

Happiness is

Happiness is a brand new hoodie which hasn’t gotten the punk rock treatment yet. It’s like a blank canvas waiting to be awesome.

The dumbest article I read today….”Six Punk Bands We Don’t Need To Talk About Anymore”

The dumbest article I read today….”Six Punk Bands We Don’t Need To Talk About Anymore”:

I just read this, passed on to me by a friend. This article is lame.

It is bad enough that punk rock and it’s like minded music spinoffs have a hard time surviving, our biggest enemies have often been ourselves.

While reading this, I really hope he was just writing to be “funny in a punk asshole way” but I kind of doubt it.

The fact is music is music to you. It’s whatever you want to like, and having the conviction to like what you do and not caring what the rest of the world thinks is the most punk rock thing you can probably do.

Everyday we work towards pushing a podcast, radio show, zine, and live shows that feature bands on the road and trying to get their stuff out there, I’ve always hated when “the scene’s” own little policemen come around telling us what we should like, listen to, etc. The fact that this guy says he plays in a punk band makes his whole article just sound like a whine fest. This guy publishes to Village Voice, he interviews big bands, has been interviewed by CNN, (according to what I can find on a google search.) You would think he would use some of that clout to push the music and bands he loves instead of trying to convince us what we shouldn’t be liking. Opinions, like the old cliche says, are like assholes and everyone has one.

ANYONE can demean you. If I wanted I would just make the short drive to Austin and listen to some hipster tell me the same shit this guy did. Anyone can name a bunch of lesser known bands, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like Rancid’s Time Bomb video or ignore Social Distortion’s Prison Bound. It is possible to like both The Clash and Buzzcocks, and while I hate Green Day too, that’s just my opinion and I’m surely not trying to force you or waste any space on a Village Voice blog to voice it.

How punk rock of him.

Jim Henson portrait

Jim Henson portrait


Tonight we are hosting the altercation punk comedy tour with Mike Wiebe from the riverboat gamblers doing a special set.

What punk is:

What punk is: a music genre and subculture that promotes authenticity of self expression and provides a safe space for marginalized, oppressed, and under-represented groups of people without catering to the needs or desires of oppressors

What punk is not: paying $1000 for pre-patched crust pants, pretending to be less affluent or privileged than you are in order to infiltrate a space that marginalized people need to feel safe

Last night we hosted indie alt country band “Quiet…

Last night we hosted indie alt country band “Quiet Hollers” at 205. This is a kick ass band on the road right now, I’m glad they were able to play a venue on a Tuesday. (harder than you think to book around here). Anyway here is a video I took with my iphone and one of those apps.