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THIS is happening tonight

THIS is happening tonight

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I never knew what love was until I saw this.

I never knew what love was until I saw this.

An Open Letter to those that want to ban the word “Bossy”

Short Version: Stop it.

Longer version:

There is so much I want to tell you but I have to just let it spew from my fingertips onto this electcic device and hope I cover it in a manner we can all understand.

I am often taken aback by the things I see online and the silly things people online become passionate about. In today’s social media culture of instant gratification, we sometimes lose focus on what it takes to succeed in life and trials we all have to go through. When I was a kid, my dad taught me many lessons on the road to my destiny, I grew up understanding that my grandparents started their own business and that life was not easy and sometimes all you have is your determination and drive. This is why these days I say the American resolve is gone. There doesn’t seem to be anyone willing to put in the work or the hours it takes to really do something.

So you can imagine my suprise when I look around online the other day and see a campaign to ban the word “bossy” because it discourages young girls from assuming leadership roles.

This is wrong for two big reasons.

1. Trying to Ban words from the English Language is wrong and evil.

Think about Banned Books week where we celebrate books banned by close minded people who didn’t like ideas that were presented to them. As a writer, I am very aware of the power of words. But I also know that words only have power if we give it to them. Some of you may have read (oh who am I kidding you all probably saw the movies) a series of books about this orphaned wizard who went to a wizard school and everyone was afraid to say the evil guy’s name, then you probably noticed that the only people who said his name were the smartest ones in the series (I’m talking derpy lead protagonist, “bossy” but hot muggle, and wise old wizard who dies in the end).

I could go into a huge tirade about how the word is descriptive and not applied to a gender unless we do that ourselves but I’m sure you have already heard that argument, to which my only answer is that a change can only happen within ourselves. I for instance…. grew up as a huge comic book and sci fi nerd. In my elementary school days, there was no hot girls posing with glasses and too small Star Wars tees. I was not invited to parties and the comic conventions I went to are nothing like they are now. But something happened in the last decade or so. Now the word “nerd” which was used as a bad thing to make fun of people in movies (Revenge Of The Nerds, etc.) is a cool thing. It’s chic it’s hip, whatever…My point is words can change meaning. But you know… it takes work and participation on your part. Not to mention the fact that if you make a word taboo it suddenly becomes even more popular. As proof of this, you only need to look at words you cannot say in television or radio and see they are the most attractive words for the every day people to use.

I can also go into a whole thing about the richness of the written word. I can tell you small histories on how not too many centuries ago, the written word was reserved for rich people and royals and even paper was expensive. I can tell you that new words get added to the dictionary every year, but most are the product of our stupid downgraded society that plays to the lowest common denomonator, so it is not exactly a genius move to try and do away with a totally good descriptive word that doesn’t involve being “ratchet” or “turnt up”. And besides, it’s not the word that’s a problem, it’s the so called usage of a word that is the issue. So if you don’t like that word and do away with it, there will be another to replace it because after all… it’s descriptive, and someone somewhere is going to need it to describe something.

2. We need our Leaders to have a Tough Skin.

This is probably the hard lesson I feel no one is mentioning.

We need tough, fearless, and unafraid leaders. We need people that are not going to shy away from making choices we don’t want to have to make, and that means that those leaders are also going to take the blame for it if something goes wrong in our society. That sounds mean and rough, and it is but that doesn’t mean it is not true. I, for one, do not want a paper leader. I don’t want someone who crumbles under pressure or screams when something “isn’t fair”. Life is not fair. It is cruel and heartless and the further up to the top you climb the more people wil claw and try to make you fall. It is human nature for everyone to be against you, because people in modern society don’t want to see a person make it on their own with the gumption and strength people like my (and hopefully your) grandparents had.. If you don’t believe me then ask yourself why reality television is so popular and why the highest ratings on shows like American Idol are the open auditions so everyone can laugh about the horrible singer who probably worked up all the courage they had to look confident on television. We have progessed into a sick sad society, but our leaders are people we need now more than ever to be stronger than all of us.

Sadly, this means that if a kid is discouraged from taking a leadership role because they are afraid of how they will look and what people think… I say that’s fine. It’s OK to discover you are not made to be a leader. Not everyone is meant to be one just like not everyone is cut out to be a cop or doctor. It’s a big world and there are lots of roles to fill, so go find your niche.

In closing…You don’t need to ban a word to teach your child self worth.There will be more days and situations that will come up in your kids’ lives that will arise that will give you more worry than this will, and trust me, if your kid is born to be a leader… You’ll know.

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Yesterday Brea got into town for day two of RXSM. We went to…

Yesterday Brea got into town for day two of RXSM. We went to juju foto factory where there was free booze and then walked up the street to a bar where I found a Tom Waits lyric on the wall.

Yesterday was very cool. I drove into Austin to go to RXSM self…

Yesterday was very cool. I drove into Austin to go to RXSM self medicated film fest. It’s the punk rock version of south by… Anyway I met Ethan, Rubio and Crispy from the antagonist movement at HOPE graffiti park, hung out and watched them do some art.

Then we went to spider house where the self medicated documentary was showing. Brea and I are in it (as you can see) anyway… It was a good night.

Episode 162 :: March 3, 2014 | OMBG Podcast

Episode 162 :: March 3, 2014 | OMBG Podcast:


Technology- Denada

Pirate Song- Giant Salvinia

Spy Song- Antique Courtains

Stars For Anyone- Boneless Children Foundation

Yesterday’s Next Big Thing- The Binge

Couldn’t Find Love- Coachwhips

I’m Gonna Break Her Heart- The Ugly Beats

Ugly- Zhod

Addicted To You- Tuff Luvs

Sorehead- Camelia Ashbach

Way Cool- Die Cruisin’

Not Dead Yet- The Unnormals

Just For You- Can’t Hang

Anthem For A Murder- 29th Street Disciples

Thanks A Lot- Antiseen

Stay warm south Texas

The wind is no joke this morning. Stay warm south Texas

Happy Birthday TEXAS!

Happy Birthday TEXAS! Best state, best BBQ, best punk rock and best people anywhere in the world.

TEXAS Independence day ya’ll

Friday night

Friday night, TSS shared the stage with Only Beast. An awesome 3 piece who gets their name from a Hellboy comic. That’s worth a post yo.