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Happy birthday rock and roll misses you

Happy birthday rock and roll misses you

Ever since Mother’s Day I’ve been seeing posts like “until you’ve kissed a…

Ever since Mother’s Day I’ve been seeing posts like “until you’ve kissed a scraped knee or changed a diaper you don’t know love” and I’m thinking “chick until you walked to Mordor with your best friend and the one ring and some skanky golem is trying to steal your loot, you don’t know love.”

As a full blooded hardcore science fiction nerd and comic book fan. I have a confession to make. I think Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the best one put out so far.

I guess that is bad in fanboy world because the popular stance on social media for fanboys is to compare it to Joel Schumacher’s BATMAN FOREVER and bash it.

So here is a video of the best moments from BATMAN FOREVER posted above….. go ahead and watch it…. I’ll be here.

Back? Ok… good. I bring this up because if after watching that video you still think ASM2 was on par with this little gem from the 90’s I think we were in two totally different realities.

I didn’t have a lot invested in ASM2. I KNEW the villains were going to suck. I knew it from the first day they casted Electro and everyone on the internet said “Maybe it won’t be so bad, you haven’t even seen any footage yet.” Then they messed up the Rhino and I just mentally checked out. So I stopped paying attention.

The sad thing is, that no matter how much Hollywood ruins a comic book movie, they still have my money, so when I went to see it, I went in knowing that the villains would be horrible and I pretty much just wanted to see Spidey swing around the city.

And you know what? I liked it. Forget about the villains, Forget about Peter’s parents in a Harry Potteresque demise. Forget about the bad one liners Electro says (about one percent compared to BF’s Riddler)…

Spider-Man’s comic wit during fight scenes is straight from a comic, I like what happened to Gwen, and then we have the last scene.

I’m not talking about the Rhino per sae, I’m talking about the kid, Spidey, and the horrible excuse for the Rhino. THAT SCENE…. gave me goosebumps. That scene is a super hero movie come to life. That scene is going to make some 5 year old get hooked on ASM for life.

And you know what? That’s worth price of admission alone.

I severed a partnership with a friend last night.

I severed a partnership with a friend last night. It sucks to do that with someone I really admired. Things got said about me while I was not present and all people involved were at one point close to me. I know it was under duress the thought still hits me though that like being drunk, a few of those statements must be how they view me deep down.

There were many reasons to leave, that was the final straw though.

Now it leaves me with dark thoughts and questions of what to do with myself. I need to get away. I need time to myself. At this point the voice in my head is telling me not to work with anyone anymore not because I don’t want to but because I am apparently a difficult person to work with and maybe I’m better off alone in that regard.

I’m posting this here because most of you don’t know or care about me in real life. I’ll go back to regularly scheduled pictures of pop culture humor and punk rock later.

Episode 171 :: May 5 2014 | OMBG Podcast

Episode 171 :: May 5 2014 | OMBG Podcast:


New Episode today!:


Reality Hits- The Takes

Gotta Go- Left Arm

Work Sucks/ Fuck Shit Up- ASS

My Jacket- Captain Galaxy

Shallow- Cyanide Pills

Fast Food- MDHC

My Alibi- Timothy Licorice

Picasso- Younf Night

Comparison Issue- Checkerboard Jive

Knife Fight- Coachwhips

Drenched With Poverty- Defile

Get What You Give- Razors In The Night

Afraid Of Dying- Ted Z and The Wranglers

Kill A Cop- Graveyard Riot

My Nerves Are Fucking Shot- Sudden Walks

All Day Long- Thee Spivs

I just don’t understand how my wife can smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish but she doesn’t like me to put sweet & low in my tea

I dont see what’s so special about today

I dont see what’s so special about today.. to me every day is Star Wars day.

TSS is in San Antonio tonight and Houston tomorrow.

TSS is in San Antonio tonight and Houston tomorrow.