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“What do you want to do today Crom?”

“What do you want to do today Crom?” “I dunno people suck. Let’s nap.” “I love you dude.” “Whatever… Don’t move your arm for an hour okay?”

Stout City Writers Night

Last week was week 2 of what we are calling “Stout City Writers Night.”

Basically it’s a chance for writers of any type to get together have some brews and just talk. No formal readings, although notebooks are welcome, I have found that just by hanging out and getting drunk with other artists, I come away more inspired than actually going to a reading or a gallery showing.

So far, it’s worked. This past week we had about 9 writers show up, that’s not bad, all were engaged in conversation and we all had some laughs. I think we are on to something here.

I never thought I would identify with a writers group. I always assumed I would be a lone wolf who never talked with others about my craft or projects (save for the bitter girl). I remember I went to a writers group meeting in college, hoping to meet some kindred spirits there and was bummed to find that it was just a couple of socially awkward dudes who wrote bad pirate fan fiction and three girls. Out of the girls, there was one attractive girl who was so pale she was translucent, and wrote bad breakup poetry. I remember weighing out the pros and cons of trying to sleep with her. I decided totally messing up her world and giving her a lifetime of subject matter would not be worth the effort and secret shame I would have to endure of hearing her pathetic ramblings of love which I was certain she would not know for many years. When I mentioned the idea of writing a novel, the group stared like I announced I was going to climb Mount Everest. “No one has time to write a novel,” one pirate boy said slurping down a piece of group pizza (they must not serve that on the ship), “You would have to write like.. all the time… everyday.”

Clearly I was in the wrong place.

So I got in my car and left. I remember coming home, and resolving never to do anything like that again.

When the idea for a writers night came about with my buddy Potato Mike, I knew it would be something different. In the years since that horrible writers meeting, I have become an advocate for this sort of thing. An antagonist who makes people want to try harder even if it’s just through my own efforts. The idea is if I can do it, so can you and if you don’t like what I’m doing, then come and do it better. It is with this idea that we are bringing the Stout City group to bigger numbers. Even if you aren’t at the skill level you want to be at yet, you can still join the ranks and do your thing to get better. Does this mean I would let pirate boys and Breakup Betty into the mix? Yes, although let’s just say they would get a lot of mentorship.

After all, art is for everybody. Everybody. Who is to say what art is? Not me. I’m just an angry old man who plays in a band and shoves ideas and music down people’s throats. I’m not qualified to tell you what you should like. No one is. Not those stuck up socialites, not those old money morons, not those art history majors, not those curators. Not even you. It’s there, and it’s for anyone who looks for it. I think the same should go for writing too.

looking through facebook. Some of my friends have ugly friends and uglier kids.

I hate bar pictures.

love is a poor man’s food

now taking submissions for our zine that will be out in a couple of months. This is one of our big issues that gets distributed all over.