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I started writing my next big project yesterday. I don’t know how long it is going to take me, but I feel good about it. I am a firm believer in the “closed door” method of working when it is a project like this. So finding time alone is kind of hard. I have given myself a set amount of time in the mornings before I get ready for work which basically means now I have to get up at 4 every morning.

So far so good. I mean the first week is always good, so I guess we’ll see where I am in the second or third.

This year marks the 2oth year I have been playing in the underground music scene.

This year marks the 2oth year I have been playing in the underground music scene. Before that, I was a kid who was new in town, didn’t fit in, got harrassed by cops walking home, had very few friends and looked to music, writing fiction, and trying to find my place in the world. 20 years later and I’m still doing that. I still don’t fit in anywhere, I still hate cops, my real friends are few and I still look to music and being creative to help me find my place in the world.

Somewhere down the line, I learned that if you do something that makes you happy… Someone is going to hate you for it. I mean really hate you. It’s a combination of things that lead to this. Sometimes it is just jealousy that you achieve (at least from their perspective) some sort of success, or that you have the audacity to do something different than the norm even though the circumstances are not in your favor, or it could be sometimes that people are just mad because you went out and made yourself happy for a few minutes.

People who are like that, most of the time are cowards. Some are not but figure they can use you as a springboard to make themselves more relevant, and still for some it is just human nature. Humans are not nice people. The majority of us watch television shows designed to make us feel good when others fail. Women love it when a pretty starlet falls from grace, men need a better car at midlife to feel young, we disrespect the planet and each other because society has made it normal. I think if I have a flaw, it is that I don’t trust any of you.

Despite this fact about human nature, I still go out and do what I do. It’s my art after all, and I am selfish. I often tell other musicians and writers the same thing, to be as selfish as you can and not feel bad about it. We spend our whole life trying to convey something only to always come up short, we sacrifice everything for it. So many broken friendships, bad relationships, and strained intact acquaintances come from my years of playing music and writing these excerpts of my life. Being selfish in our line of work is a gift.

The reason I say that is because being selfish means that you are doing it only for yourself. Because no matter what, someone is going to try to bring you down. Someone somewhere is going to try to make you feel bad for doing what you do, they are going to try to shame you or make you look stupid, they are going to try to make you second guess yourself. It may be anynomous, or it could be to your face.

I come across it once and awhile. Some days it’s easy to let it go. Sometimes I like to antagonize them if I know they aren’t very smart but for the most part I try to follow a few simple rules of not responding to anything out of anger, and trying to remember that more likely than not, the people who have expressed extreme dislike for my projects have usually been other artists who for some reason think we are competitors, or people who never ask to be included in our gigs or projects but expect us to be mind readers, or in some cases just plain weird.

But today especially (and last night) I came across three seperate instances. One was a kid I know who wants to get into writing online but knows that people will rip his opinions apart, the other two instances are from people online who are disrespecting the work other musicians have already put in. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, so it’s really none of our business if you like something or not, but I will say that going out of your way to really try to bring down a local artist or band is pretty lame and if you looked at it from an outsider’s point of view you really aren’t fooling anyone, you still come across as petty, a little shady and you lose whatever respect you may have had. Fighting online really is like watching the special olympics. no one really wins, you’re still retarded, and no amount of grunting or drooling is going to change that. And again, disrespecting the town you live in is such a played out thing to do. We get it. We aren’t Austin (THANK GOD), We aren’t a big city. We try. We come up short sometimes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I will say that this is a much more fun place to live than 4 years ago, and way more than 8 years ago. We’re coming off lean years and getting into better ones and I for one am thankful. We aren’t stupid. I know there will be people who don’t like what we do. Every project we’ve had has some level of critics. The Loveletter was too emo, Luchadore masks were “gimmicks”, TSS has a girl singer, I’m fat, this band doesn’t sound like Pantera, that band color coordinates, we get it. But we also thank you. If we didn’t have at least a few people talking shit for stupid reasons, we wouldn’t know we were on the right track. So thank you and suck it.

PS if you think you can, then go ahead and do better. I’m getting old and need to leave this to someone when I retire.

Took some pictures last night at the show

Took some pictures last night at the show

I dont respect people who don’t like King Kong. Some people just don’t understand the love a big ape has for a woman.