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Sunday afternoon, we went to Shiner.

The only reason we went was to drink a beer at Howards. they get their kegs straight from the brewery about a mile or so away, and it beats the hell out of drinking from a bottle or can.

We played Beeville Saturday night…

It was cool to play with Ronia and The Inspected.

Both of my bands have played numerous shows with both of these bands, but it’s never a dull moment.

Both bands sound different, and have played all over the place, we have some shows coming up with The Inspected (Lechuza) so it will be something to look forward to.





We adopted Stagger Lee from an animal shelter in February. He stole my heart right away. He was new and still in quarantine but they told us we could pick him up in 4 more days.

On the 4th day, I went to get him after work and they told me he was sick. He had gotten an upper respitory infection from the shelter he was in previously and they wouldn’t release him, he had to stay segregated from all other cats and people. Luckly, as his future owner, I had rights to visit him and take him out of his cage.

So every day after my day job, all sweaty and gross, I would drive over to the shelter before they closed and spent half an hour wih him outside his cage. He was really weak and didn’t meow much. I would pet him, hold him, take him to look at the windows outside to see sunlight. I told him all about his new house and his new brother waiting for him once he got better. This went on for about a week.

After a week, they asked if I just wanted to take him home. He was still sick but, he wasn’t getting better at the shelter and they felt maybe a home would be easier for him. I agreed heartily.

Brea and I made a safe room for him (where he stayed in for a week) But the important thing was that he was not in a cage. The room was spacious, plenty of comfy things to lay on, and a big window to look outside. The next week, he was better every day.

I promised him…. No more bad days. I keep that promise everyday.

I’m not a great person. I am a bit of a rogue. I don’t have many friends, people I can trust. I have been lied to and have lied myself. I am told I am not easy to get along with.

But this cat… He gets me. And I made a promise.

No more bad days.

This Is Going On Tonight…



Tonight TSS returns, we haven’t played as TSS in probably two months or so, it will be good to get in front of people who like our noise tonight




The Amazing Mr. Kit

When we moved into our house in December, we met our neighbor who happened to be a nice lady and also a cat person. This was fine with us because we are cat people too. I never asked her how many she had but I think it was probably over 10 easy. We knew her for 6 months and had a great relationship. She never complained about the band practicing, she often said hello, and even met our cats in our home.

She moved to the east coast a couple of months ago. She was taking all her cats but 2. This neighborhood is all they have known and they prefer to stay outside rather than inside. So we gladly took the responsibility of feeding and taking care of Mr. Kit (pictured) and Rocky. Mr. Kit is the most vocal cat I’ve even known and he is silly as all get out.


mr kit


The beach was alright. No shark attacks. That’s both good and bad I guess. It’s good to be home. Mr Kit missed us



Karbach Love Street



This is my attempt to get a shot of the moon with my Nikon




We found an old beat up kite washed up on the shore on the first day there. Picked it up dusted it off, it still flew. It flew through storms, through sunny days and dark nights. There were other families that came and went to the beach during the week. Many of them flew kites. But this one, out flew them all. It wasn’t the nicest, most expensive kite, but it flew the whole time we were there. Follow your dreams little kite.




So being on a beach for days with no distractions is ok. There is a romanticism to it. But as a creative person, I get bored easy and actually want to be distracted. I barely found out they had wifi there, but it’s cool I didn’t know, I didn’t want to bring a laptop. I’ve read 4 books already, written in my paper journal everyday. The only thing to really do for entertainment (for me anyway) is watch the ships come in to the channel.