When I was your age, a comic was a book

Hey Hey… The new trailer for the Avengers movie hit the web yesterday, if you are the least bit connected you probably saw something about it. The movie hits theaters in the US May 4th… which is known by nerds as STAR WARS DAY, so I’m pretty sure that’s illegal and gives me the right to punch someone in the neck. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet… you must have had a really crappy day yesterday. But hey, never say we don’t give ya what you want. Here it is…

First, I got to hand it to Marvel Studios. They got Joss Whedon to direct this. Besides doing great TV series and his own original stuff, Joss knows comic books, and that’s cool. Also the stuff he does really focuses on characters and dysfunctional groups. I think they got just the right person. When I first saw the 5 seconds of footage at the end of Captain America, I thought… meh, they’ll find a way to screw it up. (they always do). But I have to admit… So far this trailer is pretty good. It’s not perfect, it can’t be perfect because they don’t ask my opinion, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. Here’s what I like:
– Joss Whedon is the director
– The Hulk catching a falling Iron Man (duuuuddde)
– The awesome kill shot at the end with some sort of huge aromored luck dragon with rabies chasing Iron Man

– Smoking Hot Black Widow telling Bruce Banner “I’ll persuade you”
– The iconic shot with all of them in a circle back to back with The Hulk roaring
– The Hulk (duh)

This does not mean the trailer hasn’t shown us it’s faults either…
– Captain America’s costume is L-A-M-E
– Quit recasting The Hulk this guy ain’t Norton, He’ll do, but geez stop already
– Tell Hawkeye to bulk up or wear sleeves…
– Since Transformers, every bad guy invader has that stupid wanna be dubstep Skrillex bullshit noise. Seriously, can’t you guys go out and find or create a cooler ominous noise to impress the audience. That crap was so overused in the Inception trailer I’m pretty sure we’re over it.

The one thing that makes me laugh is that you will hear fanboys joining regular comment threads by saying crap like “Yeah we need a villain like Ultron or Thanos, when they don’t realize this movie wasn’t made for us. It was made to make a shitload of money. That’s why the luckiest thing we will get are some easter eggs, and name drops of cool stuff, but they would never give us something really cool. They have to stick with mainstream heroes or villains or it won’t sale. We’re lucky they gave us the cosmic cube.

So there you have it kids, you’re next comic book movie. Hmph when I was your age, we actually read comic books. It was the damndest thing I tell you.

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