I Refuse

I refuse to comment any further on the Zimmerman case or post happenings right now.

I refuse to comment on 1st world feminists and their anger toward my gender when I haven’t done anything to harm or wish harm to another human.

I refuse to be excited about a Royal baby.


We will never be racially the same because 99% of this country makes it a big deal that we are different. Our genders will forever be apart, because those who want equality want it so badly they feel the need to try to make everyone else feel inferior. As if we can all help the way we are born.

Here is a news flash… Some of us are born minorities, some of us are born male and some female. It’s the roll of the dice. It’s not about what you are born into, it’s what we do with it….

You have maybe 80- 100 years on this earth, what are you going to do with it? Waste your time whining. Complain that things aren’t fair? That something offends you.

Guess what, like your facebook status and bitch online, we call those people “slacktivists”. I don’t waste my time with that.

If you are feeling opressed, time to hang out with a new crowd, aint nobody got time for that. It’s time people, time to turn off the channel, unplug from your biased news channels and friends with mob mentality facebook status. Mob mentality is an oxymoron, and you are all smarter than that.

Time to think for ourselves again, to look at all sides of the story. Maybe instead of debating over race, we should join a neighborhood watch and see what people have to go through, or at least a police ride along for one night… Maybe instead of using our genders as chips on our shoulders we should join our favorite candidates campaign for election, go to the mall and start registering people to vote.

And maybe… instead of getting excited about some royal baby born with a royal spoon in his mouth he will never have a bad day, we should remember that we had an American Revolution so we wouldn’t have to care about the next prince that comes along.

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