Danger Is My Middle Name 2013-07-28 08:44:20

Bill Maher and I would probably never get along. He says some things I don’t always agree with, but sometimes, I spot on agree with him.


“It is not anti woman to talk about women, because we are going to do that now.

Because when I say this is a feminized country first of all understand I get it. That there are miliions and millions of women that are steely eyed realists, and there are millions and millions of men that are anything but.

However for lack of a better term I would say that the Feminine values are now the values of America:

Sensitivity is more important than truth

Feelings are more important than facts

Commitment is more important than individuality

Children are more important than people

Safety is more important than fun


I always hear married women say ‘y’know married men live longer’

Uh yes… and an indoor cat… also…. lives longer.

It’s a furball with a broken spirit that can only look out on a window it can never enjoy, but it does live longer “

-Bill Maher

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