Post Thanksgiving Update

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I thought I would do a little update on things since my last post.

At the end of October, I got to see a Lucha Underground show in Houston. It was free and at a flea market, so basically I felt that I was lucky to see the event and that they are keeping their humble roots of the sport.



Early November saw Lechuza playing 2 shows to benefit shelter animals… the first was “Rock fur paws” which was a weird show in the middle of some country field next to a trailer house. The kicker was, this place was huge, it was a great turnout, and even had booths and tents set up




The second benefit was a show called “Warriors never die” Lechuza played speicifically for Homeless cats….

A few weeks later we went to “Wurstfest” which is the largest Octoberfest in Texas. Lots of food and drinks. The most impressive was a “porkchop on a stick” looking back on that day, we ate a lot of food on sticks



I guess the last thing I should mention as far as events I slacked on talking about this month, was that we held our annual “Great Art Scare” last week… It was great, Lechuza had a killer set.





The great art scare is important. It gives artists who usually dont share their work a platform to come out and exhibit among other seasoned artists and first time artists. No one gets special treatment, it’s a great inspiration and networking night for them. Also we had ten bands four poets and two venues, so it was our biggest one yet. It took a lot of planning and work to execute but in the end, it was a huge success. I couldn’t be prouder of the Stout City team and specifically my wife who had the idea to make it happen in the first place.

That leads us to Thanksgiving. I had never smoked turkey legs before, so I gave it a whirl, and they came out amazing.



Brea and I were talking about the holidays on the drive back from her folks’ house. This is the first time, we actually felt like we are welcoming the holidays. Usually we are depressed, or in some sort of a misery. I always had the habit of looking down on this time of year from years of being alone and isolated, but with her in my life, I feel like celebrating something. I went to too many funerals last year, it seems to be a recurring thing the last few years. Instead of dwelling on the past though, it has made me focus on the present.

We only have so many years on this planet. We’ll all be snuffed out by the universe sometime. So until then, why not make merry and celebrate the chaos that is (or should be) your life?

On to December.

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