If you are reading this, you probably met Tim in a social or business networking setting and are probably researching to see what you are getting into. Wise choice.

Tim is a writer/ musician/ storyteller who has independently worked since 1994.

His writing career began with his self published zine in high school after being kicked off the writing staff of his school newspaper. He soon began writing stories he wanted without a voice of reason or anchor, leading to a very popular run of his zines. Although he still contributes to zines, he has also contributed to various publications and other media including: On The Road To Nowhere (zine), BOOTS (zine), Stout City Press (zine/website), Victoria Advocate (blog), Payback Baby (Website), The Lara Bros. (writer/comic book) and many others.

His music career began in 1994 with various punk band including: Renfieild’s Syn, The Blacklisted, Broken Halo, Madagain Saints, and the Stout City Luchadores.

Tim’s constant study on the way humans interact with each other are the basis for songs, writings, and random interviews he tells.

His current projects are: