Apples For Eyes

Interview by Timothy Danger.

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Interview with Apples for Eyes.

Forward :: Scott talks about the music project, the blog that corresponds with the music, what it’s like playing by himself for the first time as well as some future plans.    Tim is silent in this interview, but what Scott has to say speaks for itself.

Photo by Mitch Ahrens.

Members: Scott Free

About Apples For Eyes:  My name is Scott Free aka Scott Glover. I have been playing and involved in the Texas music scene since 1987. I have performed in many bands over the years and participated in several projects, including punk, hardcore, country, rock and blues bands. I also have made my bones in the D.I.Y. scene, from mass producing cassette tapes and cd’s out of my home, leading print jobs, flyering, networking, working with local zines (yes print zines), building web sites since there was a world known as GeoCities, and have done event promoting and event directing.

Apples For Eyes is my latest attempt at chronicling my life through music. It is my first time in 25 yrs to perform as a solo act. I have taken selections of songs that coincide with events of my time, my experiences, my outlets and taken to perform them my own way, conveying a message and laying a timeline of things I have gone through. These are songs that I did not grow up with, this is music I grow old with. These are the songs that I’ve rewound so much I’ve worn them out, the ones I’ve replayed over and over to copious amounts of alcohol untill the sun rises on sunday am.

This is my cover project. This is my tribute. It is very personal. And chances are, these are songs you will never hear on mainstream radio. This music has penetrated me over the years and that is why I’ve chosen to present them to you this way. They came to me alone, and I want to share them with you that way, my way, with a certain level of intimacy and one on one.

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